Friday, October 22, 2010

Steps For Getting Approved By Google Adsense Part II

As I wrote in my last post about this but it was not explained fully so, I decided to explain fully in this topic.

With This Topic You can Get Approved for Adsense Within 1 week to 1month Depends upon your Activeness towards your blog/website(Not For All Countries eg: India,China And some countries where they have to wait for 6months before applying).

There are 3 Main elements that you should focus Before getting Approved by Google Adsense

1. Content – Get Unique And Original Contents. Websites With 3-4 Pages/Post won't get approved. To get Approved You need atleast 15-20 Pages/Post. Contents are the most important. Google Only Checks your contents.

2. Site's Look – Avoid using messy backgrounds or unprofessional color contrasts and do not make it crowded with widgets. Make sure to atleast have a presentable Blog/ Website- even with 2-3 Widget can be approved.

3. Traffic – Many experts say that Google Adsense team looks to see what kind of traffic you have and that they do not approve new sites with no traffic.

Other Helpful Tips.

A. Get Ideas from other Topics similar to your niche.

B. Before you submit your site for approval, post at some forums with your website’s link in the signature file – this will help you get some immediate traffic.

C. Create a very simple website/blog with 15-20 articles, a contact us page, a privacy policy and a disclaimer.

Home Page (optional But Effective- Read more)

 Privacy Policy ( Compulsory for Adsense – Read My Privacy Policy topic)

About Page (This is Optional but effective – See My About Page topic)

Contact Us – (No one Likes Anonymous Bloggers – Optional check my Contact Page Topic )

Disclaimer ( Optional- Read More)

Copyrights Policy (optional- Read More)

Above this all, all you need is hard work, for faster result work more hard on it.

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