Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reasons Why You Did Not Get Approved For Adsense

The Most Common Reason that why you don't Get Approved for Adsense Are:-

  • Site under construction
  • Copy Paste Contents
  • Free Articles
  • Not enough pages 
  • Too Much Complicated Website Design
  • Not enough traffic.
  • No Quality Contents
  • Site that doesn’t follow Google adsense  policy.

Solutions For Such Problem are:-

  • Never Write Or Show Site underconstruction sign/text even though you are building can keep updating while and/or after getting approved for adsense
  • Try To Write Your Original Contents. Do not use Copy Paste Contents. Do not Infringe any Copyrights.
  • Your Site Can Have Few Free Articles But Not All .
  • Your Site Must Have atleast 15-20 Posts
  • Your Site Must Be Easier to Navigate and should not have much complicated looks.
  • Work with traffic atleast wait till you get 10-15 people every day on your site.
  • Write Quality contents..Garbage contents are not allowed
  • Your Site and contents must follow all Google Adsense Policy

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