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Friday, October 22, 2010

What to do I don't have website or blog? / Adsense for Hubpage

What To Do when you don't have website or blog and Still Want to earn money from adsense?

You can get approved in 3-4days to 7 days max without Any website/blog.

Just Go to HubPages sign up with real gmail id.

Go To Affilates Setting and sign up for Google Adsense
Remeber to Select make hubpage my partner website while filling Adsense form or else you won't get approved.

Adsense not Getting Approved before 6months for Indian and Chinese People



And Google Adsense

Many Website owners and blog owners who are living in India And China are not able to get approved before Six months for Adsense program because,Google hates Ad click Fraud and the most Click fraud cases comes from India and China and because of increasing amount of this cases Google asked the new publishers from India and China to wait for 6months before applying for google adsense From India And China and there blog/website must be UP during this period and also they must have all original contents and which also Follows Google TOS and Content Policies.

Things That Can get your Adsense Account banned!!

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Payment Options For Adsense

There Are Four Types of Options Available Currently For Payment of Adsense to you. You Can Select Any option which Suits you the best.

First Option: You Can Be Paid By Check

Second Option: You Can Be Paid By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Is there Any Shortcut To Earn More Money From Adsense?

The Answer Is here for the Common Question: "Is There Any Shortcut To Earn More Money From Adsense?"

There is No Shortcut To Earn More money.

The Difference Between Adwords And Adsense

There's a difference between Adwords and Adsense

All People Who Are new To Programs Get Confused Between the Two Words..Adwords And Adsense..

Heres The Difference:-


Adwords is the advertising program through which people buy text ads from Google. Those ads can run on Google's site, on their partners' sites like another search engine (like a meta engine)for example or on webmaster/publisher pages - the content network.

Steps For Getting Approved By Google Adsense Part II

As I wrote in my last post about this but it was not explained fully so, I decided to explain fully in this topic.

With This Topic You can Get Approved for Adsense Within 1 week to 1month Depends upon your Activeness towards your blog/website(Not For All Countries eg: India,China And some countries where they have to wait for 6months before applying).

There are 3 Main elements that you should focus Before getting Approved by Google Adsense

Steps For Getting Approved By Google Adsense

Update: Read the Second Part of this here

  • Create A website/blog.
  • Write Some Quality Contents of 15-20 Posts.
  • Then go to google adsense to register or wait for 6 or more months.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reasons Why You Did Not Get Approved For Adsense

The Most Common Reason that why you don't Get Approved for Adsense Are:-


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