Friday, October 22, 2010

What to do I don't have website or blog? / Adsense for Hubpage

What To Do when you don't have website or blog and Still Want to earn money from adsense?

You can get approved in 3-4days to 7 days max without Any website/blog.

Just Go to HubPages sign up with real gmail id.

Go To Affilates Setting and sign up for Google Adsense
Remeber to Select make hubpage my partner website while filling Adsense form or else you won't get approved.

Mostly every one Gets Approved from here.

Mostly when you join hubpages and without writing any article you can get approved for Adsense.

But This won't work for the people staying in India Or China.
But If they already got Adsense Account then they can use them.

You can Also use Adsense for Video but for that also you need an already approved Google Adsense Account.

You can try for YouTube Partner Program If you are living in US or Canada


bucket bbq said...

hub pages is a great resource for people looking to set up an information page online and make a bit of passive income from it. you should treat it like a normal site or blog though, by promoting and updating it :)

William Stayvoa said...

I have some questions about hub pages a couple things I’m reading in the post. What to do adsense hub page.? Thanks!

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