Friday, October 22, 2010

Adsense not Getting Approved before 6months for Indian and Chinese People



And Google Adsense

Many Website owners and blog owners who are living in India And China are not able to get approved before Six months for Adsense program because,Google hates Ad click Fraud and the most Click fraud cases comes from India and China and because of increasing amount of this cases Google asked the new publishers from India and China to wait for 6months before applying for google adsense From India And China and there blog/website must be UP during this period and also they must have all original contents and which also Follows Google TOS and Content Policies.

The main cause of this problem is many people do not take time to read Googles TOS and Content policy because of which they ask there friends/relatives/and they themselves click the ads served by Google on there Website because of which they just get there account banned due to Click fraud.

Only because of the Above reasons the People Living in India And China are not getting approved soon. 

If you want google Adsense to be approved after 6months then till that time work on contents get traffic and once you get approved then earn money.
Actually its Good To wait for 6months before applying for Adsense because During this period you can get lot of traffic.


Health News Online said...

Waiting 6 months will give you lot of time to optimize your site. one of my blog is not installed google adsense, because it is still new and need further optimization.

Siddharth Naik said...

Yes I also think first every one should wait for 6months to 1year and concentrate on link building,writing contents and increase the site's web recognition.

vaporizers said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice post with us here. It really attracted me a lot and I book marked your blog for future reference.

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