Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why no importance is given to Earth?---because we are Busy

Glaciers are Melting Due To Global Warming

Glaciers are melting every now and then,but we are busy watching movies.

For What?will movies Superman,Batman,Spiderman will protect this planet?

Glaciers are melting every minute,but we are busy watching cricket
Why? if you watch will your opponent team will lose?

Glaciers are melting every day,but we are busy watching football.
Why ? if you watch will your team win?

Earth Is Burning " Global Warming"

Earth Is Burning,but we are busy in earning money.
What will you do with that much money?Buy a New Planet?

Earth Is Burning,but India is busy in the IPL issue.
Is it important then Planet?Why Can't Indians and other People Give similar Importance to Our Environment.

Earth Is Burning,but China is busy in taking Indian lands.
What's the use of such land if there is no planet?

Earth Is Burning,but terrorist are busy in making plans.
What's the use if there is no planet?

Resources Are Depleting 

Resources Are Depleting,but we are busy in watching baseball match.
If you don't watch will they lose?

Resources Are Depleting,but we need more cars,properties,clothes,etc.
For what? at the cost of earth?

Resources Are Depleting,but we don't care its not our problem its government's problem.
I thought government includes humans.

Resources Are Depleting,Who Cares?Scientist will find out another resources.
Then why you become a Scientist

Forest Are Getting Destroyed as well as Wild Life

Trees Are Down,We will plant new,but where? on your head? and who will water them?

Animals Are Getting Reduced,But we did not asked to cut those forest,So you think they cutting for fun?who are using forest products? animals or humans?

There are many such things but we are busy in our life,but one day when there is no planet that time you and me will realise the mistakes and the importance of Earth.Time never waits for any one..Once the time has gone it never comes back.Can money buy new planet? If so then I am ready to donate money to such people who can buy us a new planet.

If my words hurt you then I will not say sorry because you all need to know what's going on here (on Earth).

There must be no such word called "busy".

Stop Giving Excuses And Start Giving your Bit Contribution for saving this planet. You just need to plant at least one tree and take care of it for rest of your life.I am doing my Bit, Are you?

I am not saying every one is not taking care about planet. But most of them are not.

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