Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Save and Grow Trees

Benefits of Trees to Humans:-

~ Today the most important thing in our life is planting and protecting trees to save our future and planet.

~ In urban area we can hardly find any healthy tree as most of them are cut down for space or to make some other thing in place of that.

~ Because of which we have high amount of carbon dioxide in the urban areas and hardly receive fresh oxygen.
~Not only carbon dioxide but also other toxic are present in air in urban areas.

~ Trees remove excess amount of carbon dioxide and air pollutants present in the atmosphere, including sulfur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen oxide. In return, they give us oxygen required for living life.

~Many studies show that in hospital patients with window view of trees are recovered faster and with lesser complications than compared with the patient without access to such views.

~Planting trees help reduce ozone levels in urban cities. Even the biodiversity gets enriched in turn.

~Windbreak of trees have been found to reduce residential heating costs 10-15% Trees intercept rainfall and reduce runoff, thereby functioning like retention/detention basins.

~Trees also help to reduce tension and stress and give us good feeling like we are happy.

~ Properly managed and located trees can help to reduce the demand for fossil energy through effects such as giving shade to buildings to reduce air conditioning demand,breaking winder winds to lower space heating needs,preventing soil erosion to lower the amount of fertilizer.

~Each healthy tree can reduce air borne dust particles ,thus a healthy tree is a free standing air conditioner and purifier.

~ We need about 500 full-sized trees to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by a typical car driven 12,000 miles/year.

~ Carbon dioxide is one of the main reason for green house effect i.e global warming and trees can help to reduce it.

~ Trees are great absorbers of noise. Noise pollution can be reduced, to a great extent, by planting more and more trees.

~Planting of trees facilitates better management of flood water. Trees also moderate flood hazards, by allowing the rainwater to percolate into the soil, instead of running over it.

Benefits of Trees in reducing greenhouse effect(global warming):-

~Planting more Trees = Reducing the green house effect.

~ Trees can directly absorb CO2 - the primary greenhouse gas - from the atmosphere during photosynthesis; shade from trees can reduce air conditioning and energy use, which reduces the amount of CO2 emitted by power plants. 

Benefits of Trees in Wild Life:-

~ Trees serve as a natural habitat, which provides support to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
~ They provide a sense of privacy and security to the wildlife, seeking shelter in the woods, apart from providing them with food and nutrients.
~Many Trees Together Forms a Forest which is the home of Wild Life.
~Trees give Shelters to many animals and birds.
~Trees help both types of animals Herbivores and Carnivorous animals I.e directly or indirectly.If no Trees then no Herbivores will be there as a result no carnivorous.
~Trees act as protector or guardian for wild life.

So I Request Please Plant Trees. We must not wait for others to plant. We should Start Planting now to save our future.Only Planting wont Do it we must also protect it and take care of it.

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