Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are We Missing Something in this busy and fast life?

Are We Missing Something?

            Today we are on such planet which will be dead in next few coming years if we do not take necessary steps then the end of Earth is coming soon.Our Planet Glaciers are melting every day,hour and minutes but still we cannot do necessary things to avoid it. We are unsuccessful in reducing the rising global warming.We are unsuccessful in maintaining proper balance in the environment. We are unsuccessful for saving animals and birds which are getting affected by such climatic changes which is taking them towards death.

                Because of increasing number of glaciers which are melting, the water level on the planet is also increasing because of which soon many parts of many countries will go inside the water.
               We humans are responsible for all this things and how we can expect that this all work is only of the governments and organizations related to environment.Can government and organization cover and clean up millions of people mess and damage which they are doing every day to environment?
                Its time to wake up and start thinking on it.Its now or never. This is the only planet where we can live.

The Answer To the Question 

Are we missing something in this busy and fast life?


Answer:- We are Forgetting to take care of our planet Earth health.

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