Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What To Do During Fire?

What To Do During Fire?

Do The Following Steps

In House, Workplace,Factories keep the exit door vacant.

Switch Off The Gas Connection.

Call Fire Station And Police Station For Help.

Use Wet Handkerchief on your face and keep away from fire.

Use Thick Bed Sheet(Blanket) made of cotton To Cover Your Body.

Take All Fire Fighting Equipments With You If You Have Inside The Place Where Fire Is On.

Do not Stand Near Inflammable/Flammable (both means the same) Things.

If Your Clothes Are Fire Do not Run. Lie Down and Roll on the Floor.

Smoke Will Hurt Your Eyes. Smokes Can Burn Your Lungs.Somke Is not Good For Health.Tell Everyone to crawl under smoke low and go.

Teach the people with you some basic quickly that how to handle this situation during this Situation.

Plan an Escape Route From your Current Location to outside.

Every on should know two ways to get out of that place.

Do not use Lift.

Most important thing Do not Panic.

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